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ICEAS Frequently Asked Questions:

How does ICEAS compare to other Internet construction software on the market today?
ICEAS customizes every client site at set-up and each site may be further customized based on client demand and owner specification. We are not a portal display no outside advertising and, although we host the software, our systems allow for unlimited users and unlimited projects.

What software do I need on my computer to use ICEAS?
Any user on your project team can access ICEAS with an online computer and web-browser software. Nothing else is required.

Can ICEAS integrate with our current systems?
Yes. If your estimating, accounting, or other in-house system can export and import data, ICEAS can integrate and we provide one upload/download with any system purchase.

What if I need different information from ICEAS in the middle of a project?
Our programming staff is capable of updating and customizing the system and reporting functions at ANY POINT in a project. There is never any additional software to install. We also work on our own to keep our system updated with useful features for all of our clients.

Is there a limit on the number of users that can access my custom web-system?
At ICEAS, we do not limit traffic on a web-system. All stakeholders in your project can gain information and input data into the system after you set them up as an authorized user.

Can I get access to project information when I travel?
Access to information is available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, from any online computer. Whether your team members are at home or traveling, ICEAS makes valuable project information available. Additionally, owners can access and sign estimates and invoices while on the road.

Is using ICEAS cost-effective?
ICEAS was created to improve project communication, cut paperwork, and allow you to allocate resources efficiently. Returns on the use of the system are estimated by our clients at between 300-400% in the first year and over 800% in subsequent years.

What does ICEAS offer our project team (owner, constructor, construction manager, etc)?
ICEAS is an integrated documentation, workflow control, and cost tracking system that provides automated communication at every step in a project. Everyone in a project team, regardless of location, sees up to the moment reports and can search for information using the on-line filing cabinet. Most importantly, ICEAS offers customized web-systems that are built to the specification of a project to accommodate the needs of all team members.

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