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At ICEAS, our mission is to use the power of the Internet to cut your administrative costs, to increase communication with owners, and to give you the ability to offer customized value added services. We are not a portal and do no outside advertising on our systems.

ICEAS-SC was created in 1997 when President and Founder, O'Bryan Worley, was called on to create a tracking and communication system for the Construction Commodities Management program at Ford Motor Company. ICEAS systems were deemed a Ford Motor Company "Best Practice" in December of 1999, and won an Inc. Magazine Web Award for year 2000. Ms. Worley will head a panel in June called "Automating the Automaker," at this year's Inc. 500 Convention in Louisville, Kentucky. In the summer of 2000, ICEAS-SC went into re-development to become ICEAS-MC, serving the General Construction Industry at large and was officially launched in January of 2001.

ICEAS clients include general contractors and construction managers in the ENR Top 400, as well as small, local companies. We are proud to offer a product that is used "out of the box" and that is also customized by larger contractors to meet the specifications of the most demanding owners. Either way, the cost-savings are proven and the ROI is impressive.

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