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Technology is fast becoming an integrated part of construction management and ICEAS is leading the way by offering custom integrated web systems that offer document, scheduling and cost control information that involoves all stake-holders in the process by offering tiered levels of access, custom reports, and automated e-mail communication.

ICEAS is the first web-based company to offer a fully customized web-system for construction projects and, because we take advantage of the lastest and most powerful internet technologies, we can customize your ICEAS forms and reports at ANY POINT in your project.

Let your IT staff focus on in-house licensed software. Our customers only require an intenet connection and browser software.

The ICEAS Main Menu provides links to all of your forms and reports and is located at the website name of your choice (i.e.,

Save money by cutting paperwork by up to 85%.
Allow your clients to request services, approve estimates and track projects online instead of faxing or calling.
Automatically generate graphs and charts as services are requested, projects progress, and payments are made

Store records of all signatures and approvals at every phase of a project.
Keep your entire team in the loop with the ICEAS automated e-mail notification system.

The ICEAS online Filing Cabinet finds project information instantly by keyword, project number, requestor name, or owner P.O.

Record and compile client payment histories automatically.
Generate up-to-the-minute forms and reports.

ICEAS compiles, calculates, and generates custom reports to keep you up to date on work requests, project logs, and payment status.

Track payment status and project costs in real time.
Send digital photos, drawings, and project notes with a request for service or at any phase of a project.
Communicate more efficiently with clients and team members and spend less time creating reports and filing paperwork.

With no special training required, you can use your ICEAS system the first day you log on. Let ICEAS organize the paperwork so you can do your job.

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